Abraham Lincoln Park has something for everyone. Upon entering, you will find a typical playground but walk further and you will soon discover a natural log playground in the shade. Both playgrounds appeal to a wide range of ages. But the park doesn’t stop there! Behind these playgrounds are hiking trails that lead to views of the bay. If you are planning on hiking, be prepared with comfortable sneakers and the park map. This is true hiking so the trails are not suitable for strollers and require a carrier of sorts for the younger ones. The trails also borders a steep drop so this one is best for older kids!

1559 Empire Blvd, Webster, NY 14580-2103
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The Playground

There are two play areas at Abraham Lincoln Park. The first playground nearest the parking lot is a typical structure with two separate areas for different age groups. There is also a pavilion with picnic table in this area.

Tucked away in the shade behind the more traditional playground, you will find a log cabin and several logs and stumps for climbing and balancing on.

Along the edge of the parking lot you will find a Little Free Library! Bring some books and take a look for one to take home!
Please note, at times the only available restroom is an outhouse and sometimes the outhouse is not present at all. The pavilion is small and so comfortable seating in the shade is limited. Parking is also limited so it is advised you go on off hours (early morning and weekdays).

The Hiking

The trails at Abraham Lincoln Park consist of rolling terrain and some steep hills. Therefore, these path can get difficult and are not stroller friendly so pack the carrier! You can walk alongside the bay which affords beautiful views but also steep drops along the trail edge! To get to the trail with bay views, start at the natural playground and turn right, head down the hill, through the pine woods and through the swampy area with tall grass on your left (pictured below).

Once you reach a fork in the trail (markers pictured below) turn left to head up the very steep hill for a challenging but rewarding view. Once at the top, turn right and you will begin to see the cliff of the coast of the bay. From here, the path loops around back to the fork. The path is narrow and the drop is steep!

Please note, the trails can become extremely muddy during the rainy season. Trails are not always well marked so be sure to refer to the park map for trail info. Bring bug spray and check for ticks!

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