Adams Street Rec Center is located just a short distance from Corn Hill Landing. Though this playground is attached to the rec center, it is open to the public! Within the recreation center, you will find year-round recreation programming including a pool with open swim and lessons offered for EZ RecPass holders.

85 Adams St #2210, Rochester, NY 14608
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The Playground

This is a fun playground not far from the city center of Rochester. The play surface is padded rather than mulch and there are two separate play areas, plus regular and baby swings. There a both plastic and metal slides, long and short. Kids of many ages will enjoy this playground. There are a lot of opportunities here for the kids to run and climb. As this is part of the Community Center, the playground can become very populated with recreation programs. The nearest bathroom is an outhouse, but bathrooms can also be found in the rec center when open. 

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