This hidden gem is tucked away in Mount Morris right outside of Letchworth State Park. Al Lorenz Park boasts a huge Bears playground with year round restrooms and open air pavilions near by.

Al Lorenz Dr, Mt Morris, NY 14510
Take Me There

The Playground

There is the amazing Bears Playground equipment at Al Lorenze Park! The playground boosts bridges and climbing structures for all ages. There are baby and typical swings here plus different structures for various age groups. Please Note the park has various hours throughout the seasons. We were able to access the playground and hiking during the off-season without issue.

The Hiking

Al Lorenz Park consists of several flat meandering trails that intertwined with one another which was perfect for meandering around the park with kids. There is an impressive amount of bridges and a little island with bridge access. Beware of cliff’s edge at the perimeter of the park. All hiking was within walking distance of the playground.

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