Avon Driving Park offers a lot of opportunity for kids to play and connect with nature. Next to the small natural playground area are two larger Bear Playground Structures. The natural play area consists of logs cut into steps and balance beams. There is also a hiking trail with creek access!

350 Spring St, Avon, NY 14414
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The Bears Playground

This is one of the few public Bears Playgrounds around. There are two Bears structures here – one appropriate for younger kids and one better suited for kids 5-12. There is also a round-about here as well as an adaptive swing, baby swings and typical swings. The kids will love to climb through the tunnel, up the rock wall and dig in the rocks.

The Natural Playground

The natural playground is small and consists of a couple log balance beams. It is located directly next to the Bears Playground so children can easily run from one spot to the next. The natural playground is surrounded by open field for continued fun and exploration.

The Creek Access

This may be most unique creek access we have found! There are small water falls here and “water holes” for swimming. There was even a rope swing on our visit! The water does get deep here! To find this spot, Its easiest to park in the parking lot closest to the playground, near the track. From there, head south toward the fitness trail. Soon you will see a mowed path entering the woods. Follow the path and you will begin to see Conesus Creek. Soon you will see a rough path leading to the creek. Take that to access the creek but watch for poison ivy! This is not stroller friendly.

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