A stunning waterfront park with strong historic connections and multiple playgrounds! B. Foreman Park is a great location for a shaded picnic or sunset walk!

 4507 Lake Rd, Williamson, NY 14589
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Playground 1

This newly built playground is located to the left of the large parking lot. With a bright yellow and green color scheme it is hard to miss! Your little ones will enjoy the zipline and tunnels. Don’t forget the multiple climbing structures that are perfect for kids of all ages! Despite the large shading trees, this playground is right in the sun.

Playground 2

With the perfect views of Lake Ontario, you can’t help but love this playground. Just steps away from the first structure, This playground is simple and quiet! Enjoy a shaded picnic at the nearby picnic table and grill.

The Lake

Walking along the water’s edge to see the waves crashing on the rocks is a must if visiting B. Foreman Park. Please note, though the view of the water is beautiful, the rock edge is steep so you may want to avoid getting too close with the more rambunctious kiddos. There is no water access and signs warning patrons to stay off the rocks. 

This is also the site of a sunken ship. Though you can not see it, there are educational signs detailing the story.

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