Basil Marella Park is a beautiful park with much to do! After playing on the playground explore the wheel-friendly path, creek and the fitness trail.

975 English Rd, Rochester, NY 14616
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Playground #1

There are now two playgrounds at Basil Marella Park and you will spot both upon entering the parking lot! The older one is on a mulch surface and not fenced in. However, it has many slides and bridges children will enjoy! Just note, we personally tested the yellow tunnel slide and it is brush burn guaranteed! Brush burns aside, this is a really fun playground with an upper tower, baby swings and typical swings and two ride-on spring toys. There is a bench for parents as well as a nearby pavilion with picnic tables. The playground is far from the road and there is lots of space to run around. Keep going and you will find the fitness trial, volleyball courts, tennis/ basketball courts and sledding hill! The playground is in full sun so pack the sunscreen. Seasonal bathrooms are located right next to the playground.

Playground #2

Adjacent to the older playground, is the newly built, fenced in, inclusive playground. This barrier free section of the park was erected in August 2021 and showcases a We-Go-Round, sensory center and We-Go-Swing (one of the first in the country!). The surface is rubber for easy accessibility and the stations are nicely spaced apart. The bathrooms at Basil Marella have also been adapted to include more inclusive features. The playground was built in partnership with the Town of Greece and Endless Highway.

The Hiking

If you follow the paved path from the playground away from the parking lot, you will find a nicely wooded trail lined with fitness equipment! The entire path is paved and therefore wheel friendly. This path is part of the Rte 390 Trail and does not loop but continues on for several miles. Within Basil Marella Park there are some offshoots from the path that bring you close to the creek if you wish to get a closer look. The trail within the park extends from Vintage Lane to English Road and is just over 1/2 mile from end to end. You will find dog walkers, bicyclists and more using this path, though it is wide so there is room for everyone! Grab a passport booklet from Wegmans before heading out! There is a marker for the Greece trails here!

The Fitness Trail

The fitness trail can be found on the above mentioned hiking trail. The pieces are generously spaced out and suited for adults. There aren’t instructions with these so it is best for those experienced with this kind of equipment.

The Sledding

If you follow the path from the parking lot, past the playground and athletic courts and continue straight back towards a metal fence, you will find the sledding hill! It is a long gradual hill, great for many ages! Please note, the bathrooms are closed for the winter.

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