Here is an out of the way adventure sure to entertain young and old. Check out the abandoned Girl Scout camp at Beechwood State Park.

Lake Rd, Sodus, NY 14551
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The Hike

What was once an expansive girl scout camp, is now a state park open to visitors! Beechwood State Park is creepy and beautiful at the same time, this park boasts beautiful views of Ontario Lake and unique sights of abandoned buildings. The park is open daily dawn to dusk. There has been recent vandalism, so any trespassing after hours is taken very seriously and the trail is monitored with video surveillance.⁣⁣The main trails are wide and maintained (but not stroller friendly). There are outhouses and picnic tables on site. Most of the structures are solid but there has been obvious graffiti and destruction over the many years it’s been here. The trails have paths that offshoots of the main trail so it’s easy to get turned around if you aren’t careful. ⁣⁣The lake views are STUNNING! Be forewarned when right on the lake it’s very windy and cooler because the forest is quite dense. It’s a good place to go with a buddy if you are looking for an out of the way adventure! The park is free to enter. Extend the trip by making a visit to Sodus beach and/or Burnap’s Farm Market!

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