Braddock Bay is a beautiful park hidden away near Ontario Bay. The playground offers a variety of swings for kids of varying ages and abilities. The trails are easy to walk and enjoyable for kids. There is a beautiful boardwalk along the trail as well as a large observation platform for bird watching.

199 E Manitou Rd, Rochester, NY 14612
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The Playground

With beautiful scenery and its preservations of the area’s natural resources, this isn’t the park you would go to for just a visit to the playground. However there are plenty of swings for all abilities and separate play structures for various ages. Note, the playground can flood and get very mucky during the wet seasons.

The Hawk Watch Tower

This is a great spot to head for a hike with the kids with multiple trails to choose from. The highlight for many is the Hawk Watch Tower. The Tower is wheelchair accessible and secure. There are places to stand and sit to observe the birds. This site is an official part of the migration path for birds of prey. All through the spring you can see many types of birds migrating north to Canada. Further hiking can be found within the woods.

The Boardwalk

After exploring the Hawk Tower, continue on towards the bay and you will find a boardwalk that leads out through the marsh where you can sit among the birds. We observed swans, robins, red winged blackbirds and geese on our visit. We waited as patiently as we could but were not lucky enough to see any birds of prey. Regardless of what you see, it is a beautiful view and an easy and interesting walk for all.

The Venue

There is an impressive lodge and Pavilion at Braddock Bay Park commonly used for baby showers, bridal showers, 1st birthdays and other big events. There are 2 lodges and a pavilion to choose from with the option to combine the lodge and rental pavilion to accommodate more guests. This is a truly beautiful spot to host an event.
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