Breese Park is a unique park and the perfect stroll for adults and older children. There are challenging elements for both groups at the various stations. There’s a station towards the end of the loop that is designed for adults while other stations would be more enjoyed by the younger crowd. Overall, this path is best suited for 3+

108 Westcombe Park, West Henrietta, NY 14586
Take Me There

Getting There

Being in true hidden gem form, this park is tucked away in a spot you’d least expect it. You will first drive through a neighborhood to get to the park. Don’t fret! You are in the right place. This town park is tucked in the woods behind the houses.

To find the fitness course, follow the gravel path from the parking lot and take the first right turn into the woods. From there, take left turns to follow the fitness loop. There will be several “stations” along the way! The path is gravel and is bike and jogger stroller friendly and is about 1 mile from start to finish.

Note, there is a lot of poison ivy here! Stay strictly on the gravel path! Also, there aren’t any restrooms on site.

The Fitness Course

There are 6 stations nicely spaced along the 1 mile loop. Most stations are nicely shaded!

Each station has two activities and in most, adults can participate alongside the kids. With the pull up bars and various obstacles this is a great activity for pre-teens and teens as well!

The third station is our favorite! The moving platforms can be tricky so proceed with caution! However, once you get the hang of it, its fun for all!

When the trail leads out of the woods, turn left to continue the fitness trail loop! Soon you will come across a station in the sun! there is a small slide and faux rock to climb on here!

Cross the small bridge and turn left once more. Approaching on your left will be a fitness course for the teens and adults (though there are some aspects older kids will enjoy here!) If you want to skip the other stations and head right to this area you can go straight on the gravel path rather than turning right into the woods at the beginning. This section is an adult’s playground with a rope to scale, high monkey bars and parkour area.

The last station showcases some instruments and other equipment the younger ones will enjoy.

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