The Brighton Library boasts a beautiful discovery room and a nice playground with close proximity to the community pool. The library/pool/playground combo is what makes this stop a real gem. Bathrooms are accessible inside the library during open hours.

2300 Elmwood Ave, Rochester, NY 14618
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The Library

The Brighton Library has an entire room just for playing. The indoor playroom is complete with a craft station, baby dolls, kitchen and much more. The room is often full of kids so that parents can sit and watch their children play with one another. The playroom is located in the back of the children’s area of the library.

The children’s area is also vast and has an abundance of books and movies to choose from. There is also a train table located among the books for continued play. The children’s section at Brighton Library is a common favorite and loved by many.

The Playground

The playground is located a short walk from the library. It is fairly small but has two typical swings and two baby swings.There is also a swaying boat structure! There is a large amount of green space behind the playground for picnics and running around. However, the playground is not far from the parking lot so keep a close eye! There is a path from the playground leading into a quiet neighborhood that could make for a nice stroll or bike ride!

The Pool

The public pool is located just behind the library at 2300 Elmwood Ave.

  • Resident Daily Walk-in: $3 
  • Non-Resident Daily Walk-in: $6
  • All swimmers must pass deep end test to swim in the deep end of the pool
  • Pool users are welcome to bring in their own chairs, umbrellas and food
  • Swim diapers are required
  • Pool toys are allowed

For more detailed daily pool information, check HERE or call 585-442-5620

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