Buckland park has a little bit of something for everyone. With 3 playgrounds the kids are sure to find something they enjoy. The lodge next to one of the playgrounds offers a beautiful spot for a family gathering and the open fields make for a good opportunity to fly a kite! Walk a bit further for an educational experience at the Historic Buckland Farmhouse and community garden.

1341 Westfall Rd, Rochester, NY 14618
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Playground #1

This playground at Buckland Park is nearest the Park entrance and often the most popular. There are two baby swings and two typical swings here. There is also the beloved car play structure, tunnel slides, climbing slides and climbing wall. This is the only playground of the three with a covered pavilion in close proximity. You’ll be tempted to spend a lot of time here, but don’t forget, two other playgrounds await!

Playground #2

This playground is furthest from the park entrance but nearest a beautiful lodge perfect for parties. There is another climbing wall at this playground, as well as grills and picnic tables. There is a wheel friendly path as well as a small bridge connecting this playground with the lodge. There is a path that connects this playground with the other two and also a parking lot nearby if you prefer to dive to this one!

Playground #3

Playground #3 is on the East side of the parking lot and nearest the Historic Buckland House and Community Garden. There are also fields surrounding this playground, so bring a kite! This playground is great for the little ones, with smaller slides and a shorter rock wall.

The Venue

There is a beautiful lodge at the back of Buckland Park perfect for hosting parties. There is a driveable path and parking lot leading right up to this lodge. The lodge overlooks Playground #2 and can hold up to 90 people. This lodge also has a fireplace inside, and out!
Facility Rental Information

The Historic Buckland House

The Historic Buckland House at 1341 Westfall Road is open to the public at no charge by appointment only. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call the Brighton Recreation & Parks Department at 784-5260 or Email.

The outside of the house and the Veterans Memorial is also open to explore during park hours.

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