Carter Street Recreation Center is a hidden gem in the city! With a splash pad, baseball diamond, playground, basketball court, and the indoor R Center activities, it’s the perfect place to spend a summer afternoon! The splash pad and playground are free to enter and open to the general public! Restrooms are available within the recreation center during program hours.

500 Carter St, Rochester, NY 14621
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The Splash Pad

Simple, but wet! This splash pad offers several kinds of spray features including everyone’s favorite, dumping buckets! It also has a sprinkling arch, a “shower fountain”, and several ground fountains. The splash pad is spacious and much of the area is fenced in.

The splash pad is open 8:30am-7:30pm and can be turned on with a simple touch of a button!

The Playground

The playground at Carter Street Recreation Center is well removed from the road and a short stroller friendly walk from the splash pad. This playground has many great features including multiple slides, a puppet theater and various ladders and bridges. This playground sees some shade as well!

The Fitness Area

Two sets of fitness equipment can be found at the entrance, by the splash pad.

The Recreation Center

Details to come!

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