​Central Rock Gym of Rochester offers drop in climbing, climbing club and home school climbing club (with both drop in and class options). Parents can even pay an additional $5 to use the gym while the kids are in class .

725 Averill Ave, Rochester, NY 14607
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The Gym

You do not need any experience to visit! There are areas that you or your child can start climbing right away and other areas where staff can assist. They even have yoga classes and a fitness room. The staff are very welcoming and the atmosphere is so friendly. You can head to their website to get a good idea of what to expect for your first drop in visit.  Reservations are required Saturday, Sunday, and certain times during the week.

For just $12 Kids under 5 can visit for the day and receive all the equipment they need. Kids ages 4-7 can drop in for a weekly climbing class session for $20 or get a full membership.

Not familiar with how to belay? There is an option that will allow you to climb the top rope walls while the staff belays you. This is $25/hour on Saturdays and Sundays for everyone ages 4 and up!

The Classes

See below for details outline climbing club or check HERE for the details. Email Jason@centralrockgym.com to register for a class, if you have any questions, or if you and your kid(s) would like to pop in for a first time visit, he will make sure they are ready for you!

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