At the Children’s Museum of Oswego (CMOO) you are bound to have a great time! Nestled in the small town of Oswego, this hidden gem is a great get away for children to explore. This exclusive location is a great get away from a dreary day or to escape the heat outdoors for a few hours.

7 W Bridge St, Oswego, NY 13126
 Take Me There

The Museum

In the quaint town of Oswego you will find a bright and exciting little place for children to explore. On the corner of West Bridge Street you will find CMOO on the first and second floor of this beautiful historic downtown building. We reserved tickets online since we had not visited before, but it is not required. Entry is a reasonable price of $8 per child and adult and under one is free. Price of entry is good for the whole day so you may come and go at your leisure. Just ask for a sticker so you can come back in! Currently masks are required for all attendees at the museum.

The First Floor

This brightly lit location has beautiful large windows that soaks in the light and casts a beautiful hue of color on all of the objects at the museum. When you enter into the first floor you will see the water zone straight away! Lots of fun objects to play with from fishing poles to creating dams, as well as boats and other fun objects to make a vortex of water. Our kids spend LOTS of time here and all for good reason, it was a blast to explore!

The Second Floor

Up to the second floor is even more to check out. Here you will find a padded zone for non walkers, as well as lots of nooks and crannies to explore. CMOO has a tree house, pizzeria, dental office, fire station and farm to cultivate young minds about agriculture. The highlight for my children was the climbing structure which you could climb from the second floor and peek out onto the first floor above the water zone.

The overall theme is bright, fun and clean. There is attentive staff who are friendly and interactive! These employees are always willing to engage in conversation whether it’s with adults or the children.

Please note the Children’s Museum of Oswego is CLOSED on Mondays and has variable hours Tuesday through Sunday. Please check their website here for times and ticket reservations. Another reminder when going- this is in the city so there is on street parking (nearby) for maximum two hours. There is also parking lots (free!) with no time limits just around the corner on West 1st Street.

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