At Chimney Bluffs State Park the Bluff Trail runs along the edge of the cliffs. The sights of Lake Ontario are stunning, but use caution as cliffs can give away! You can also walk along the stone beach and skip rocks.

 7700 Garner Rd, Wolcott, NY 14590
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The Hiking

At Chimney Bluffs State Park the Bluff Trail is approximately 1.25 miles long. This hiking trail is for friends and family with good footing and sturdy shoes. The terrain of the main trail is moderate and can be steep at times on the trail. It can be difficult to navigate if it is muddy after a good rainfall. There is nice access to the shoreline and a nice place to enjoy the scenery. The trail head is located off of the East Bay Road parking lot. If you are entering through the main entrance of the park you will see a few different trail options.
Please note, there are two different parking lots and there may be a $5 entrance fee at some of the alternate parking locations or use a State Park Pass!

Though it is a bit of a drive to get there, it’s worth your time to see the views while you can! If you enjoy some beautiful terrain this is a trail for you.

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