Cobbs Hill Park offers a unique stop right in the City of Rochester full of activities for all ages. The parkour course is sure to entertain toddlers to teens and the reservoir and hiking provides beautiful views. Extend the visit by fishing or checking out the fitness course. Head to Village Bakery for lunch after!

80 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14610
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The Parkour Course

The playground at Cobbs Hills Park is unique as it features a parkour style obstacle course. The course is complete with a challenge board which outlines the course path and how to perform each obstacle. The playground is off of Norris Drive, across from Lake Riley Lodge.

The Playground

Alongside this play area is a smaller playground for younger children, making the park suitable for a wide age range. 

The Fitness Court

This fitness area is right next to the playground and is the first of its kind in New York! It is designed for those ages 14+.

The Reservoir

With a bit of an uphill climb, you can hike to the reservoir from the playground! When starting at the playground, head away from Norris Drive, towards Monroe Ave and the Tennis courts. To begin, you will have to cut through the grass and will find a rough trail from others who have done so. Soon you will come to a gravel path that leads you around the tennis courts and up the hill to the reservoir. The hike to the reservoir from the playground is just under .5 miles. It is a there and back trail and is jogger stroller friendly if you don’t mind the steep climb up and down the gravel hill!

There is also a .69 mile track that is paved around the reservoir. The water is completely gated off so there is little risk for little ones! Please note, there is a road that sneaks up on you between the start of the stairs and the reservoir. Use caution as the kids head up the stairs.

The Hiking

Within Cobbs Hill Park, you can hike in the woods to observe some outstanding industrial art (note, there may be some vulgarity on display at times). Finding the water towers is not the easiest – but with a little wandering among the leaves you will see them if you keep on the main Washington Grove trail.  The entrance to this trail can be found on the right side of the loop around the reservoir. Though you can get to the Reservoir from the playground, the quickest route would be to park on Reservoir Road. The path is not stroller friendly and is easy-moderate. Bikes are not allowed on the trails.

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