This is a very small playground in a fascinating neighborhood. Enjoy the swings, slide and teeter totter after a marvel at the poured concrete houses designed by Kate Gleason, imitating the style of a small French village.

511 West Ave, East Rochester, NY 14445
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The Playground

This playground is hidden and not often used. It is right off the 490 when entering the village of East Rochester. It is not too far away from shops and restaurants and it oversees unique concrete homes. Parking can be found off West Ave and the playground can be found on the other side of the park which is a short uphill walk. Head up the hill on Forest Rd. towards the basketball courts to find the playground. The roads within this neighborhood are narrow and one-way. They seem to be more fit for walking paths but be aware of cars coming to and from the houses. There are no bathrooms on site. Stop by the nearby Piano Works Mall and see the famous fish tank piano to extend the trip! 

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