Corbett’s Glen is a popular hike year round! There are fun sights along the way and a waterfall running under a train bridge for the grand finale! Once the hike is over, head to Tree Town Cafe just down the road for a bite to eat!

415 Penfield Rd, Rochester, NY 14625
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Hiking Trail #1

Hiking from the trailhead on Penfield Road, the trail to the train bridge is about 3/4 mile. There are different paths you can choose, but all will take you to the falls at the end! The teepee pictured below is a short walk from the parking lot off of Penfield Rd, just stay left! The old mechanical structure can be found if you hug the path that runs parallel to the train tracks. There are some hills on this hike which can be fun for the kids to scoot down in the winter months (pack the snowsuits!). The train tunnel and falls ends the hike though you can walk past the falls along the creek to extend your hike and follow the perimeter trail (see below). The path is not stroller friendly so pack a carrier!

Hiking Trail #2

If you are looking for a shorter hike within Corbett’s Glen to see the falls this is it! Roadside parking is available along Glen Road but it is extremely limited. It will likely be difficult to score a spot on a weekend or evening and therefore, weekday mornings are recommended if you want to attempt this shortcut. Use 59 Glen Rd in your GPS and follow the street signs.

The walk down the road, through the train tunnel and to the first waterfall is about 1/8 mile. The path is wheel friendly though there are not sidewalks on Glen Rd. You could stop here and enjoy the views and have a picnic or continue on to see the second falls. Follow the path along the creek and eventually you will spy the falls beyond the barricade. Entering the water at any time is not permitted. If you continue forward you can complete the perimeter trail which does a loop just over half a mile and takes you through a meadow and wetlands. There’s some nice boardwalks here! The trail is flat and well suited for younger ones. If you would like to extend the hike you could continue on to hike #1 mentioned above where the perimeter trail lets out.

The Waterfalls

The main falls can be seen right upon your arrival to the train tunnel bridge. However, if you continue further you will spot more small waterfalls. Follow the first hike outlined above for the rolling hills or boardwalks along the way. Both of these falls are near each other and closest to Glen Road (see above).

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