Cracker Box Palace is a registered non-profit, no kill farm haven in North Rose, NY. The farm serves as the Large Animal Rescue for Wayne County and is run by volunteers to help many of the animals recover from illness, neglect or abuse. Visitors are invited to feed the animals and hike the trails. The farm is FREE to enter but donations are encouraged. The farm is open to visitors 9:00 am – 3:00 pm daily, year round

6450 Shaker Rd, North Rose, NY 14516
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The Animals

It is free to enter the farm to feed the animals (donations encouraged) and is open year round! It is a very laid back and authentic farm without the frills. Pack some veggies to feed to the animals! You are welcome to walk right up and feed the animals (at your own risk) when the barns are open. Crackerbox is 10 minutes from Burnap’s Farm Market so make the day of it!

The Hiking

If you plan to visit the trails, stop by the farm at Cracker Box Palace first to let staff know you will be hiking, sign the guest book and pick up a trail map. More details on the trails can be seen HERE.

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