The main attraction at Dryer Road Park is the large Mountain Bike Skills area and trails within the park. That said, there is also a good sized playground here along with a turf field!

7405 Dryer Rd, Victor, NY 14564
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The Playground

The playground is a fun place for a good range of children. It is pretty expansive and easy to keep track of kids at this park. There is a fun tunnel and two structures for different age groups. Alongside this playground you will find baby swings, typical swings, a nearby pavilion and lots of picnic tables. Nearby to the playground there are a few nice seats to enjoy while the kids explore the large play area. Surrounding the play area is athletic fields and year round restrooms. The expansive variety of athletic fields makes it another fun zone to explore at this location as well!

The Bike Skills Area

The bike zone at Dryer Road Park is great for all different levels from kids to adults. It is fun to watch and participate! Though this area was not designed for young children, it can be fun to explore when not in use. When it is in use, it is entertaining to watch the experts before hitting up the playground. Helmets are required. Use of skills area is at your own risk.

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