Durand Eastman Park has a beautiful arboretum, a hidden playground, an expansive beach and seemingly limitless hiking opportunities. Come again and again all year round to enjoy all that Durand has to offer. Be sure to check out Camp Eastman as well!

1200 Kings Hwy N, Rochester, NY 14617
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The Playground

This Durand Eastman playground is located at the end of Log Cabin Road (Take me there), across from the beach. Being at the end of the road, this playground is surrounded by woods and thus shaded as well as secluded so go with a friend! There are two baby swings here and two play structures – one for younger kids and one for older. The playground is located within the traffic loop at the end of the road so you may see some cars but there is a good amount of space between the playground and the road. Bathrooms are located nearby and available seasonally between May 1st and October 15th. There are several pavilions nearby as well with picnic tables and grills – a great spot for a cook out!

The Beach

The beach at Durand Eastman is expansive. Its a great place to go to play in the sand! If you are heading here after the playground, you can park in the lot directly across from Log Cabin Road. From the parking lot, there are several paths to get down to the beach. Please note, these paths are very steep and some may be difficult to maneuver. Good footwear is recommended! If you are unable to make the descend, easier beach access is available if you head east along the paved path.

Swimming is supervised by beach guards in its designated area (Lot A). Lifeguards are on duty from 12:00 – 6:00 p.m., 7 days a week during the summer. Before heading out, call the Monroe County Beach Hotline at (585) 753-5887 for beach conditions. If high lake levels are not a concern, the swimming area opens in June. Check the details HERE.

If you want to avoid the beach crowds, head over on a warm day in early spring or late fall! Please note, there have been reports of garbage and dead fish along the beach. This varies by location (There is a lot of beach space) and time of year.

The Arboretum

This is a great spot if looking for an easy stroll to walk with the kids or dog. The arboretum is located on Pine Valley Road (Take me There) across from the lake. The massive amount of green space and maintained grounds lends for a beautiful spot to picnic or explore nature. There is a large variety of trees and many are unique. The Fruticetum was a lot of fun for the kids to investigate the many kinds of berries that remained on the trees or dropped to the ground in the fall. There are rolling hills perfect for running up and down. However, if looking for a more groomed and educational based arboretum, you probably won’t find what you are looking for here. Instead, head to Kent Park in Webster. No bikes allowed on the paths.

The Hiking

There are several hiking options at Durand Eastman. Be sure to check out the Trail Map before heading out.

The Durand Lake Trail is a 1.2 mile walk that has a very strong wilderness feel to it. There are sections of corduroy (log paths) along the southern part of the trail.

The Trott Lake Trail is a .5 mile walk over small rolling hills. Along the path you will see the area that used to be Dr. Henry S. Durand’s old campground where there are also unusual trees which are labeled.

The Eastman Lake Trail is a 1.5 mile walk that is spectacular for any season. This trail follows along the lake where you can see waterfowl and warblers, especially during migration seasons.


The Fishing

Fishing is allowed in Durand Eastman Park as long as those fishing are following NYS Department of Environmental Conservation guidelines and rules and have the required licenses. 

The Venue

Durand Eastman Park has eight shelters and one enclosed lodge for rent
Facility Rental Information

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