Egypt Park has a farm-themed playground with a trail that connects the playground parking lot to the Lollypop Farm Trail. Other activities include hiking trails through the woods and going in the Lollypop Farm building.

99 Victor Rd, Fairport, NY 14450
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The Playground

Egypt Park is a fan favorite. The surface is padded and the structures are farm-themed including a tractor-shaped play structure! There are a wide variety of swings (typical, baby and adaptive) and wide ramps for accessibility. There is a pavilion with picnic tables near by (Farm theme birthday party anyone?). The playground is a good distance from the parking lot and road and is surrounded by plenty of grassy areas for running around. There is a trail that connects that park to the Lollypop Farm Trail, making this a great destination to pack a lunch and spend the day. Seasonal bathrooms can be found a short walk away from the playground.

The Farm Walk

There is a path that connects Egypt Park to Lollypop Farm just beyond the parking lot. Once you pass the boardwalk head straight to the closed gate towards the farm. You can open to get into the farm walk area.

The paths here are wide and flat and there are several farm animals to be viewed along the walk. This trail is open year round and is stroller friendly but can get muddy.

The Story Walk

The Story Walk starts at the giant cow by the shelter and follows the fence of the farm walk!

The Nature Trail

There is also a lesser known trail through the woods that is also suitable for all age levels. Creek access, boardwalks, painted bird houses and various statues can be found within this trail. The trails are well marked with options to do a short loop or continue around the woods behind the farm to end back up at the horse barns along the farm walk. This longer option will showcase the metal statues pictured below. This trail is not stroller friendly and has rolling terrain. You can access the trail head by going beyond the pet cemetery at the end of the farm walk.

The Field Trip

The Egypt Park- Lollypop Farm combo makes for a wonder place to learn and play. There are simple educational signs along the farm walk as well as interactive pieces within the building of Lollypop Farm. Even more educational signs can be found at the beginning of the nature trail. At times, there is also a petting zoo!

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