Ethel Mae Johnson Park is reminiscence of time gone by, but there is something fun and addicting to coming to a playground that was erected many years ago! Step back in time and enjoy your time in historic Palmyra. Be sure to stop at the newly opened Cafe Aqueduct for a bite to eat, and enjoy a walk on the Canal trail following your visit!

149 E Main St, Palmyra, NY 14522
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The Playground

At Ethel Mae Johnson Park it is a lovely mature play area has lots of fun equipment for kids of many ages to enjoy! You and your kids will love the nostalgic metal slides, and wooden teeter totter. There are some baby swings at this location, alongside another swing set. To find this playground, look for the Palmyra Village Town Hall and the entrance is directly across the street.  (the area is set back from the road between Route 21 and Cuyler St.)

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