The Farmington Grove Park complex has much to offer.  There is a playground, swings, soccer field, tennis courts, basketball courts, and open air pavilion. There is also a nearby bathroom, a working water fountain and lots of open space to fly a kite or kick a ball around.

1744 Maplewood Dr, Farmington, NY 14425
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Playground 1

When coming to this playground it is a bit hidden! You will have to navigate through some neighborhood and then you will come upon the parking lot. This playground is nice because it is nestled quietly among other houses in an established neighborhood.

This first playground is for the younger crowd. The rubber mulch is thick and bouncy making it a fun area to run on. Next to the play structure were brand new swings including an adaptive swing and a baby swing. There are lots of fun interactive things to play with in this area even for the youngest playground goers!

Playground 2

When coming to Farmington Grove Park- we believe this was probably the original playground and they expanded to meet the needs of younger children by adding the secondary play area. This structure is older but still well maintained and would keep the interest of kids for awhile. This area is nice you can find a nearby pavilion for lunch, ball fields to run around in and bathrooms in close proximity to the play area.

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