This firefighter-themed playground and splash pad offer hours of fun. A pavilion is located between the splash pad and playground offering a shaded area to rest and picnic. The playground and splash pad are far from the road and close enough to each other that children can run back and forth. A great place for a laid back firefighter-themed party! (The pavilion is available on a first come first serve basis). There is also a hidden fitness area if you need to break a sweat before hitting the splash pad! More info on that HERE.

1350 Chiyoda Dr, Webster, NY 14580
Take Me There

The Playground

The playground has a rubber surface as well as swings of all kinds. There is a web for climbing, a fire truck play structure, a police van structure and a large rock wall climber. There are ramps leading to the various slides and other features. There are very small slides and a very large slide! The playground is well removed from the road and parking lot. Truly a great playground for all.

The Splash Pad

Like the playground, the splash pad has a First Responder theme as well! You will find everything from a fire hydrant and Dalmatian fountain to a fire truck slide. The water output is continuous and there is a button kids can push if the water turns off. This is a very loved splash pad so you are sure to meet some playmates here. Bring some cups!

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