Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction. So there is no surprise that sensory play is taking the baby/toddler world by storm! The best part? It can easily be done right at home, thanks to three local Canandaigua mommas! 

What They Do

In February 2021 Brittany, Jen, & Colby teamed up to create tools that provide young children with sensory play experiences. So began FLX Sensory! FLX Sensory offers perfectly curated Sensory Bins AND Homemade Play Dough Kits. You can choose from a variety of personalized themes to perfectly fit the recipient. With local pick up or shipping options available, these are an easy go to for gifts, holidays, or even just for fun at home! Kits can be ordered directly through DM on Instagram @FLX_sensory or on FB FLX Sensory.

Our Experience

Play Dough Kit: We absolutely loved the FLX Diggin Dozer Play Dough Kit. Our kit was jam packed with all the things our little construction worker needed to create a magical build! Multiple containers of homemade play dough, trucks, rocks, shovel, sticks, wood circles, cookie cutter, personalized resin letters and more. Elijah who is 2.5 years old, was mesmerized by the easily manipulated play dough. He began racking the dough and pressing the cookie cutter to make shapes. He was completely occupied for over 30 minutes! The best part is everything is able to be sealed and reused for future play again and again!

Sensory Bin: The Laughs & Lollipops Sensory bin was a huge hit with 2.5 year old Bella and even her older brother. It was the perfect rainy day activity! The bin was stocked full of bright colored rice, small trinkets/toys, flowers, scoops, pails, and of course the personalized resin name. She enjoyed working on her fine motor skills while playing with the bright colored trinkets in her bin, as well as scooping the rice into the pail. Need another great reason to love the sensory bin? Everything can be reused time and time again making this a wonderful gift for birthdays and expecting mothers with multiple children in need of distraction!

Reach out via DM on Instagram @FLX_sensory or on FB FLX Sensory to order your kits!

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