Head to Webster to escape the heat! Just a short drive from the lake and pier, Four Mile Creek Preserve boasts a beautiful creek and unique hike.

1433-1439 Lake Rd, Webster, NY 14580
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The Creek Access

It takes a short .5 mile walk on flat terrain to get to the creek (though there are several tricky roots for the little ones to maneuver). There is easy access to the creek after you cross the bridge and turn left. The creek is usually shallow – perfect for exploring!

The Hike

When you arrive, you will see a fairly large parking lot off of Phillips Rd near the intersection of Phillips and Lake Rd and trails from the parking lot. There’s a couple different routes you can take but they all lead to the Creek area. If you get a bit turned around, you can also zoom in on Google maps to see the trails and find the shortest route.

The hike is divided by the blue trail, red trail and yellow trail. The blue trail will get you to the creek. If you continue on, the red trail takes you to the old cars. The trails are well maintained with boardwalks and bridges through the wet areas. The hike follows the creek most of the way with benches in spots to enjoy the view. Watch for poison ivy!

The Cars

If you venture further to where the red trail meets the yellow trail, you can find an old car sitting in the woods and other car remains scattered about. It’s a unique hike and a bit eerie! See the last image for the map indicating the location of the first car pictured. This is a good hike for older kids. There is some glass and metal scraps around the cars so proceed with caution.

The hike to see the cars is about 1 mile one way and a total of 2 miles once you complete the full loop back to the parking lot.

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