The Children’s section at Gates Public Library is a real gem! Here you will find seemingly endless amounts of children’s books, activities scattered throughout the area and a discovery room full of engaging and educational toys! While in the area, consider checking out Gates Recreation, TSE, Pure Imagination Cafe and the Imagination Academy Playground after school hours.

902 Elmgrove Rd, Rochester, NY 14624
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The Children’s Section

The Children’s Section at Gates Public Library is quite large with much to entertain! There are stations scattered among the books. The stations include blocks, puzzles, checkers, a magnetic board and a doll house.

The Discovery Room

In the corner of the children’s area is a whole other room for extended play! This Discovery Room has dress up clothes, Alphabots, puzzles, blocks, puzzles and so much more! This is one of the few libraries in the area with a room dedicated to exploratory play! There is even a gate to this room so you can contain the kids while they play!

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