Also known as First Responder’s Park, Gates Town Park is very much tucked away from the road off of Lyell Rd. There is also disc golf and hiking trails. There is a seasonal bathroom shelter and a pond with dock for fishing.

4310 Lyell Rd, Rochester, NY 14606
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The Playground

If the gate is closed, there’s minimal parking near the road and the walk to the playground is about 1/4 mile. If the gate is open, the parking lot is not far from the playground. The playground itself is very big with massive steep slides for those thrill seekers. There are two playground structures for varying age groups. The 5-12 playground is very well suited for older kid with lots of challenging climbing features. This playground serves many age groups well and includes regular and baby swings as well as a tire swing!

The Hiking

There is a disc golf coarse through the woods and also opportunities for geocaching.

The Fishing

There is a small pond with dock and can be used for fishing. The dock has a gate along the perimeter to make it safer for the younger ones.

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