Genesee Valley Park has it all including cricket, fishing, geocaching, hiking, kayaking, and two playgrounds! The park is located along the Genesee River and walkers and bikers can cross over the river on a pedestrian bridge to get to the other side of the park. 

1316 Genesee St, Rochester NY 14611
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Playground #1

This playground is called “The Genesee Valley Park Playground for All Children” as it boasts several inclusive structures. This unique playground has a padded surface and swings for all abilities, including a tandem swing! There are many structures for a wide range of ages and abilities. The “ropes course” appeal to older children while the various slides and spinning mechanisms appeal to all. The playground is surrounded by trees and open fields and is partially fenced in. There are picnic tables with grills nearby.

Please note, this park is fairly close to the road and the closest parking is in the street, though there is a parking lot further down the road if needed. The playground is in direct sun and there is not a pavilion nearby but there are plenty of surrounding trees. The park is very large with multiple entrances. Use “Genesee Valley Park Playground For All Children” in Google Maps to find this playground. The bathroom house is seasonal but there is a nearby outhouse. As the airport is close by, many planes fly over ahead. This is a pro for some kids and a con for others!

Playground #2

This playground is found within Genesee Valley Park near the beautiful Roundhouse Pavilion and at the site where the Erie Canal meets the Genesee River. The playground has big slides, regular swings, a baby swing, steps and ramps. The best part of this playground though is it’s setting; It is surrounded by lovely stroller-friendly paths and plenty of bridges to explore.

This playground is walking distance from the newer “Genesee Valley Playground for all Children.” If you park in the parking lot nearest the tennis courts off of Genesee St (near the intersection of Genesee and Elmwood) you can easily walk to both playgrounds. Just follow the canal trail to the Roundhouse Shelter to get to playground #2! There is also a parking lot off of Moore Rd if you are looking for a closer parking spot to this playground.

The Canal Path

What makes this park a gem is that it is made up of The Genesee Riverway Trail, the Genesee Valley Greenway Trail AND the Erie Canalway Trail. From one of the pedestrian bridges you can see the Erie Canal meet the Genesee River! ⁣Park in the parking lot nearest the tennis courts off of Genesee St (near the intersection of Genesee and Elmwood) to easily access these pedestrian bridges with sites of the canal.

The Venue

If visiting this park in the summer, you will likely see a party or event happening with 7 open air pavilions available for rent!
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