Great Embankment Park is a large park with much to do. Located along the canal, the park was originally an ideal spot for fishing, strolling the canal and easy kayak/canoe access. The park is often a very popular spot for soccer/softball/baseball games. It is loved for its vast amount of green space and open fields that make it a perfect spot to play with the dog or fly a kite! There is talk that this park was once a landfill. This is a pro for some and a con for others. Do some research and decide for yourself!

629-649 Marsh Rd Pittsford, NY 14534
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The Playground

Recently (2019), the park built a playground and pavilion which has a variety of swings including a baby swing and an adaptive swing seat. There is a fun “animal tracker” station which features buttons that play the animal sounds when pressed. The playground is up on a hill so it is far from the road and parking lot. There is plenty of open space surrounding the playground so bring a kite or frisbee. There is a newer bathroom shelter at the bottom of the hill and plenty of parking spaces. To get to the playground, one must walk up a fairly steep hill. As this park hosts many sporting events, the parking lot can get busy, but there are plenty of spots available. 

The Canal Path

You can get to the canal either by walking beyond the playground and fields or by driving towards the north end of the parking lot and up the path toward the canal to a small parking lot there. In the South East corner of the park along the Canal Trail is the kindness tree. The tree sculpture serves as a spot to place rocks with empowering and inspiring messages that people can take. The canal path is paved with docks overlooking the canal and a boat launch area

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