Greece Canal Park features two playgrounds, a dog park, year round hiking and a Canal Path! Pack some food- This is a great place to spend the day!

241 Elmgrove Rd, Rochester, NY 14626
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Playground #1

When entering this expansive park, this is the easiest playground to find. Just take the main road within the park to the back and you will find this large playground! This is a really great place to play for little ones and older kids alike. There is a long ramp leading to many mini slides as well as steps leading to a larger tunnel slide! There is a zipline here as well as baby and typical swings. The iconic dinosaur stair structure is here as well. This playground is in full sun but is located near picnic tables, grills and seasonal restrooms. The main playground is driving distance from the canal path. If looking to play and walk the canal, head to playground #2!

Playground #2

There is a second playground at Greece Canal Park that is hidden away! It is smaller than the other playground and probably more appropriate for older kids but the kids (ages 2-5) had a great time. It’s a great spot to picnic and walk along the canal. This playground also sees a lot more shade compared to playground #1. Use “Rotary Lodge, Greece Canal Park” in GPS to find this playground. There are picnic tables throughout the park but none close to this playground- pack a blanket to picnic! There is also a dog park nearby.

The Hiking

The wooded trails can be difficult to navigate to be sure to check out the Park Map. Many of the trails are quick and good for young kids. The Deer Run trail has views of the pond and the West Trail borders farmland for possible deer sighting! The Farm Artifact Trail is just as it sounds! There is an observation point that includes old rock walls and farm implements
that are artifacts of former farms. If looking for a stroller and wheelchair friendly walk head to the canal trail! All four trails range from .9 miles to 1.4 miles.

The Canal Path

There is a wheelchair and stroller friendly canal path from the parking lot to the overlook at the Canal at G reece Canal Park as well as a nearby playground! Use “Rotary Lodge, Greece Canal Park” in the GPS to find this playground. The playground that you will initially see when pulling into the park is not a quick walk to the canal but great for toddlers! There are picnic tables throughout the park but none close to this playground nearest the canal- pack a blanket to picnic!

The Venue

There are 4 differents venues to rent within this park ranging from $100 to $500 ($1000 for Holidays). There are open air pavilions and enclosed lodges to choose from. The Rotary Lodge and Millenium lodge are nearest the playgrounds
Facility Rental Information

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