The Greece Public Library recently renovated their children’s area to what is now the Story Garden which is a multi room (and level) play area for children of all ages. Along with their children’s books and resources, the space includes a giant light bright, play produce area, fairy tree ball chute and much more. If you have extra time, check out the amazing playground behind the Greece Recreation Center.

2 Vince Tofany Blvd, Rochester, NY 14612
Take Me There

Area 1

As you enter the Greece Public library, turn left and you will see the beautiful entrance for the Story Garden! Upon entering is a giant light bright, a tablet and computer stations and plenty or resources to be checked out including homeschool kits and other educational backpacks. The family bathrooms are also near the entrance of the story garden.

Area 2

As you continue through the children’s space, off to the far right is a room with the Fairy Tree! This tree takes balls up slides and chutes and deposits them on the second level where kids can send them back down to the base through another system of slides and chutes! Behind the tree are large wooden dollhouses. In this area you can also find access to the second level via elevator or stairs.

Area 3

This area is the back of Story Garden and has an adorable “garden” and produce market. The garden allows children to “pick” plastic flowers, fruits and vegetables to bring over to the market. The market has working scanner and conveyor belt that the kids just love! There’s also a small play kitchen and plenty of seating.

Area 4

The last section is upstairs and is accessible via stair or elevator. The second level allows kids to send ball back down the Fairy tree. There are also two large magnetic boards for more play.

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