The Greece Town Hall Campus is a child’s wonderland! It has a beautiful and imaginative playground as well as a nearby splash pad. The recreation center has an abundance of open gym programs for little ones and the Greece Library is a short walk away.

3 Vince Tofany Blvd, Rochester, NY 14612
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The Playground

This playground/splash pad combo is geared toward younger children and will surely activate the imagination with its outdoor/animal theme. With large fish, beavers and bears to climb on along with a variety of swing types, the playground is suitable for a range of needs and abilities. The play area is fenced in, nicely padded and very clean and well kept. There are plenty of picnic tables outside of the playground area. Also nearby is a story trail and outdoor workout equipment! This playground is within walking distance of the Greece Community Center and Library. Bring a lunch and have a full day of fun! Note: The playground is free and fenced in but directly adjacent to the splash pad which can be accessed with a fee for non-residents. Therefore, warn your child if you do not plan on spending the $5 as it is definitely a tempting sight!

The Splash Pad

The splash pad is free for Greece residents and costs $5 per child per day for non residents. It is right next to the playground. A seasonal bathroom is a short walk away.

The Fitness Trail

A handful of exercise equipment can be found at the Greece Town Hall campus by the pond. If you follow the trail around the pound, tennis court and playground, it is just under half a mile. There is also a story trail along the path! The trail is paved making it great for strollers and bikes as well. With the nearby playground and Rec Center, this is a great place to entertain the kids while you get a couple steps in!

The Story Path

Right behind the fenced in playground you will see a path around the pond. Along this path is a children’s story! If you continue on the trail around the pound, tennis court and playground, it is just under half a mile.

The Open Gym

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