Tucked away in Naples, NY Grimes Glen is one of the more frequented gullies in the Greater Rochester area, and for good reason! There are paths that follow the stream but entering the creek is mandatory to view the beautiful waterfalls.

Leashed dogs are allowed and this park is free to enter!

 4703 Vine St, Naples, NY 14512
Take Me There

There is a decent-sized parking lot at Grimes Glen with a bathroom shelter nearby. Visit on weekdays or mornings if possible to avoid the crowd and guarantee a parking spot. The creek can quickly be seen from the parking lot and you will soon be greeted with a variety of signs, one of which stating that climbing on the slopes is not permitted and to watch for falling debris.

From here, choose your path! Some like to cross over the bridge and start on the trail while others like to take the creek right away! Head west up the creek (away from the parking lot). Getting in the creek at some point is necessary to see the falls and access all the Grimes Glen has to offer. Wear secure water shoes or sandals!

There are several falls along this creek walk, however, if visiting with kids you will likely see 1-2 waterfalls (the other waterfall requires scaling the previous fall to see). The creek is very walkable and there are “swimming holes” in areas.

If visiting with young kids, you may prefer to stop once you reach the first waterfall. This area in itself is very entertaining for the family with small swimming holes and a beautiful waterfall. Continue on and the rock slopes get steeper and the swimming holes get deeper.

If you do decide to carry on, you will be once again amazed by the waterfall the greets you! Here there is deep water to swim in and a shallow cave. There is a rope along this waterfall to scale up to continue the adventure.

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