The Hamlin Recreation Department successfully engages the community through their unique programs and events as well as through the expansive and unique wooden playground.

1658 Lake Rd N, Hamlin, NY 14464
Take Me There

The Recreation Department

The Hamlin Recreation Department is always hosting wonderful and creative events for holidays as well as regularly scheduled programs for the youth in the community. More details here.

The Playground

Adjacent to the recreations center building and directly behind Hamlin’s Library, you can find a majestic wooden playground. The playground is vast and provides entertainment to kids of all ages. There are baby swings, tire swing and lots of space to climb, hide and run. There is even a unique moving staircase here. The library is nearby for restroom use if enjoying the park during library hours. Another perk- This playground is 10 minutes from Hamlin Beach State Park! Please note, there are many elements that may be considered dangerous for young children here and it can be easy to lose sight of them.

The Wall Art

If you park in the Hamlin Library Parking lot, you will see a large owl painted on the side of a warehouse. It is walking distance from the playground and a wonderful site for the kids!

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