Happy Gut Sanctuary is an eat and play location in the city of Rochester. Here you will find fermented tea, beautiful plants, arts and goods created by local artists, a kids play corner, and much more!

1115 East Main Street Door 6A, Rochester, NY 14609
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The Cafe

Located in the Hungerford Building you’ll find Happy Gut Sanctuary, a beautiful and bright kid friendly restaurant that specializes in fermented teas! Along with tea, you can also grab a cup of drip coffee, specialty drinks, vegan ice creams, kombucha, and baked goods while your kids play in the store’s adorable kids corner!

Happy Gut Sanctuary is a NYS licensed plant nursery and grower! They have a variety of beautiful plants that decorate the store and some that are available for purchase! They have a “Plant It Forward” shelf where you can exchange plant cuttings. So if you’re a plant person, be sure to grab a cutting to swap out before you go!

Make sure you check out the local art and handmade goods featured and sold around the café!

The Kids Corner

The kids corner is a clean and tidy space stocked with books, puzzles, and toys perfect for ages five plus. The kids can grab a piece of chalk or a chalkboard marker and get creative on their chalkboard wall! Your kids will love playing in this space while you enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend.

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