Harris Whalen Park is the perfect stop between shopping trips to Aldi and Wegmans. Conveniently located directly across the street from the Penfield Wegmans, Harris Whalen Park offers hiking, sledding and a nicely shaded playground. There are two playgrounds at this park, as well as the school playground nearby available after school hours.  The park has a shelter and bathroom house very close to the main playground as well as a wooded hiking trail.

Harris Whalen Park Rd, Penfield, NY 14526
Take Me There

Playground #1

The park has two playgrounds with two separate parking areas for each. The preferred playground does not have a swing set so to get to the swings you may have to walk through tall grass/mud or drive down to the lower lot. The newer, shaded playground is at the very end of the road at the top of the hill. It has some classic structures like a climbing dome and spring toys. It also has newer equipment with multiple slides and bridge.

Playground #2

This second playground is down the hill from Playground #1 and was designed for children ages 5-12 though it does have a single baby swing among the other typical swings.

The Hiking

The trails here are simple and make a good walk with the kids or dog. The trail starts off wide and flat but it would be difficult to maneuver a stroller or wheelchair further in. Check the park map before heading out. Keep an eye out for poison ivy!

The Sledding

 To get to the sledding hill, drive straight to the back of the park and up the large hill. A short walk from the parking lot you will find the large sledding hill. The area is wide open so there is no worry of trees, shrubs and roads to dodge. For the younger ones, you can move towards the sides of the hill that aren’t as steep or as populated for a more simplified experience.

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