Designed to be a community park for locals, this is a small playground within a Brockport neighborhood. There is a walking trail in the back along with regular and baby swings. There is street parking, though most that frequent this park are able to walk to it. There are no public restrooms at this park.

47 Havenwood Dr, Brockport, NY 14420
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The Playground

A great playground for climbers and diggers! There is a single tall slide, a tunnel rockwall and a climbing structure for those thrill seekers. There are also baby swings and typical swings as well as a balance beam. There is a digger at Havenwood Park with surrounding mulch to dig in. The park has a fence around much of the perimeter, but it is a simple once and kiddos would not have a difficult time sneaky by. Although not far from the road, there is little traffic.

The Hiking

For a neighborhood park, there is a surprising amount of green space here! After running around in the grass, there is a simple wooded trail behind the swing sets that many locals use to walk their dogs.

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