High Acres Nature Area mainly consists of ponds, marshes, and forest. There are four large shallow ponds and a collection of smaller ponds. Roughly five and a half miles of maintained trails provide access to the 250 acres that are now open to the public. There is a ton of animal sighting opportunities! Be on the lookout for Kingfishers, Birds, Ducks, Deer etc.

425 Perinton Prkway Fairport, NY (main entrance)
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The Hiking

These trails are wonderful for bird and butterfly watching, catch and release fishing, nature walks, dog walks (must be on a lead), and cross country skiing. A stroller is is not recommended here as it is a non paved path with some muddy spots, roots etc. The trails are easy and appropriate for young kids at High Acres Nature Area. Some paths are a half mile loop while others are just under two miles. Be sure to address the map to choose a trail right for you. Be careful on the bridges, as they can be slippery when wet. Some muddy spots also can become flooded during the rainy season. Also note, this is a landfill and recycling center owned by Waste Management. This trip can provide a valuable lesson on environmental stewardship.

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