Highland is a vast park with playgrounds, festivals, hiking and a year-round conservatory.  Near Highland Ave and Meadowbrook Rd, you can find an all natural playground. On the other side of the park is a second playground near the Lamberton Conservatory. Also be sure to find the sunken garden! This park is also home to the widely popular Lilac Festival.

180 Reservoir Ave, Rochester, NY 14620
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Playground #1

The playground is unique in that it is made entirely out of logs. Because of this, the structures are mostly steps, bridges and balance beams. There is a seasonal bathroom nearby and a wide, paved path leading into Highland park. There is a small pavilion with picnic tables to take a break in some shade. This area is recommended for older kids. as the playground consists of balance beams and bridges instead of slides, swings, etc. Sneakers are highly recommended here!

Playground #2

This playground is located within the beautiful Highland Park and across the Street from Lamberton Conservatory. The Poet’s Garden, hollowed out tree, paved walking path tand Sunken Gardens are also nearby. The playground has a baby swing and smaller play area for the younger ones.

The Conservatory

This beloved conservatory is a great place to head any time of the year. It offers a sense of warmth and beauty in the middle of winter and makes a great stop when playing at the playground and hiking the trails in the summer. Kids love the wide variety of plant life and to observe the quails and turtles as they roam around the conservatory premises.

It is very affordable to visit the Conservatory. Children ages 0-5 are free, 6-18 and seniors pay $2 and adults (19-61) $3.00. Seasonal passes are available year round. Individual passes are $10, family passes are $30. The conservatory is open 7 days a week, 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

As the Conservatory is open year round, it boasts a beautiful light display in the Winter. Several poinsettias are added to the display as well as Christmas lights to be viewed later in the evening. Find Out More.

The Hiking

There are many opportunities for easy but unique walks here. The trails are beautiful in every season, especially in the spring when the trees start to blossom. The trail starting across from the conservatory loops around if you keep going left. But don’t feel the need to stay on the path – running up and down the hills is a treat in every season. The pathways are wide and paved, although there are some areas with stairs.

The Sunken Garden at Warner Castle

This is a hidden gem of Rochester located within Highland Park. You can enter off Mount Hope (5 Castle Park) or Reservoir Road (46 Reservoir Avenue). There is a small parking lot in front of the castle. This is a great spot for photos and weddings, so it is often closed on weekends. Visit during the week if you are able! To find the garden simply walk behind the castle! You can access the highland bowl by walking farther on and continue to the ice rink in the winter time!

The Highland Bowl

During the summer, this outdoor amphitheater is often used for concerts, Shakespeare in the Park and free outdoor movies. Check HERE for movies coming to the park.

The Ice Skating

“The ice skating rink is located at Lily Pond, on South Avenue near School #12. There are no skate rentals; you must bring your own.

For rink conditions call 585 753-PARK (7275) during the week between 8:30am and 4:30pm, or 585-753-7270 on weekends between 10am and 4pm.

​Groomed natural-ice surfaces are in Churchville, Ellison, and Highland Parks. 

Ice skating is not permitted elsewhere in the Monroe County Parks.

There is a warming hut available nearby the rink at Highland Park. 

Ice conditions will vary depending on weather.  

Skating is done at your own risk.

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