Just outside of Brockport is the quaint town of Holley and within this town is the beautiful Holley Canal Falls.⁣⁣ The park is free to enter and has easy views of the waterfall and canal trail. A hidden playground can be found here as well!

1 Holley Falls Park Rd, Holley, NY 14470
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The Falls

The waterfall at Holley Canal Falls Park is man made to remove access water from the canal. That said, it is beautiful and quite a sight for children! The falls can be seen from the parking lot so a hike isn’t necessary if you rather stay put to enjoy the view. There are picnic tables near by and fishing is allowed here. There are no barricades here so you can walk right up to the falls.

If you follow the gravel path beyond the pavilion, it will take you to the top of the falls. There you can stand at the very top without a barricade and see the water rushing beneath you. Tread cautiously! If you continue on the gravel path you will see another area where water is pouring from the canal to feed into the falls. There are also some mini falls and streams if you ventured off the path that parallels the canal.

The Hiking

To access the trail, head toward the bridge and pavilion to the right of the falls. The wide gravel trail is wheel friendly. It is a one mile loop that brings you to the top of the falls, follows along the canal and passes by a playground. There are shortcuts throughout that are not wheel friendly but get you closer to the falls and a more direct route back. Please note, the path is overall smooth and stroller friendly, however there is a fairly steep hill at the start.⁣ There is poison ivy in the woods so stay on the trails!

The Canal Path

Since the waterfall are man-made to remove access water from the canal, visitors are able to see water coming in from the canal and down to the falls. The gravel path will lead you beyond the top of the falls to the canal path. Follow the canal path to reach the playground, bathroom shelter and little free library!

The Playground

The playground cannot be seen from the parking lot nearest falls area. It can be accessed by following the canal path or taking the trail up the hill by the parking lot. The playground is northwest of the parking lot by the falls, just beyond the tree line. There is also some parking off of East Ave for a shorter hike to the playground and bathroom. There is a pond near the playground with catch and release fishing. The playground has typical and baby swings and plenty of slides!

The Ice Cream

Stop on in before you leave. Here you will find Red, White and Moo Ice cream! Great place to stretch your legs for a quick bit of goodness!

51 Public Square, Holley, NY 14470
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