809 5 Points Rd, Rush, NY 14543
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The Walk at Hollowed Harvest

Hollowed Harvest in Rush is different than many other holiday displays as you and your family are invited to walk through the campus lined with a jack-o’-lantern display. Kids can take their time to enjoy each scene and take in the details of the images the jack-o’-lanterns create. They will spy a circus act, dinosaurs, sunflower field and more (all created from jack-o’-lanterns!)

What to Expect

Bundle up and pack a stroller for the little ones! The walk took about 30 minutes and is a half mile on flat, paved and wheel friendly terrain! The display is not too scary and is enjoyed by children, young and old! The scariest aspects would be skeleton faces carved into the pumpkins, but those are mild and few.

Be sure to visit when it is dark! The display is much more impressive when illuminated!

The Details

This event takes places Thursday- Sunday throughout October and for the full last week of October.

Tickets must be purchased in advance.

3 & under: FREE

Kids: $16.00

Adults: $20.00

Tickets can be purchased HERE.

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