Imagination Academy is one of the few locations one can find a wooden playground. The playground is great for kids of all ages and includes a very small trail through the woods. There are no restrooms here but there are businesses close by including Pure Imagination Cafe and the Gates Public Library.

230 Coldwater Rd, Rochester, NY 14624
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The Playground

This playground is so much fun! There are so many hiding spots for a game of hide and seek or tag. The entire playground is wooden with metal slides (Careful, they get hot!). There is a tire swing and typical swings and a big field behind the playground. There is a small gazebo and a short path through the woods to seek shade. As this is located on school property, the playground is closed to the public 6am-6pm M-F but available on weekends and after 6pm weekly.

This Playground will be closed during summer 2023 for construction.

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