Joshua Park is conveniently located directly behind the Titus Ave Wegmans. It is fenced in with a padded play surface. There are 3 different play areas for varying ages, including tiny slides and tunnels for even the littlest participants. There are no restroom facilities within the park but Wegmans is a short walk away.

Titus Ave, Irondequoit, NY 14617
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The Playground

Located behind the Wegmans on Titus Ave, the enclosed and padded play surface has a variety of structures to please a wide range of ages. This is probably the largest fenced in playground in the Rochester area complete with several separate playground structures. soccer field and track. Just note, the fence is not gated and there is an opening further down the track for a walking path. The smaller play structures here are really adorable and great for even the crawers of the family. There is other “stations” nearby better suited for older kids.

The Track

This 1/2 mile track is almost entirely fenced in and loops around the playground at Joshua Park. It is near the parking lot so no need to lug the bikes and scooters too far to get to the track. The entire track is flat and nicely paved.

The Sledding

This park is perfect for those kids just getting introduced to sledding. The hill is small but fairly steep so the experience is thrilling and the walk back up is short. The hill is very wide so many many children can enjoy this spot and spread out. And just in case sledding doesn’t work out, It is also a short walk from the playground..

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