If looking to bring the kiddos to a live show be sure to check the upcoming events at Kodak Center. There is a great variety of shows offered here and that often includes shows that kids will enjoy! Prices vary, but you can head to the box office and purchase tickets in person to avoid the online fees. Kids into photography? You can visit the Kodak Visitor Center anytime during open hours for free to learn about Kodak’s History.

200 W Ridge Rd, Rochester, NY 14615
Take Me There

Kodak Visitor Center

You can head to Kodak’s visitor Center anytime Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. to view the small exhibit at the main entrance. Here you will find various artifacts and photographs celebrating Kodak’s rich history. This is free to view (parking is also free if visiting outside of show times). Consider visiting this gallery as part of an educational trip with the kids to see how far cameras came (it was so fun to show kids those disposable cameras we used to love and explain the process of film and having to wait days to see the photos!)

During your visit, you can also purchase show tickets from the box office to avoid the online fees.
Tip: The Box office stays open past 2pm on weekdays if there’s a show that evening, and it opens 2 hours before showtime on weekends if there’s a show.

The Theater

We had a wonderful experience with our families at the Dragons and Mythical Beasts Show in January 2023.
The seats were spacious and comfortable, ushers assisted us to our seat (no searching around with kids in tow!) and they even had booster seats available! Kodak is continually adding new shows to their lineup. Check them out here.


There is a concession stand located near the theater with plenty of snack options as well as adult beverages available.

Parking and Entering

Parking is across the street and CASH ONLY. The lot across the street is $10 cash. The Rochester Police Department will be on site ensuring safe crossing to and from the theater.

Once you enter the building, be prepared for a security check and an escalator to get to the main theater and concessions (elevator also available).

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