Legoland New York is the ultimate vacation destination for your Lego loving kids! Only a 4.5 hour drive from Rochester, Legoland New York can be a quick overnight or a few day kid friendly vacation!

One Legoland Blvd, Goshen, NY 10924
Take Me There

Legoland (The Park)

Legoland New York is a quality small amusement park where everything is on theme! The park itself is very clean and well maintained and the staff were all incredibly friendly! Most of the attractions in the park are geared toward children 3-12 years.

Since the park is fairly small, it can be done in only one day, though we spent a day and a half in the park and that felt perfect! (When we went the water park wasn’t open yet, so our experience is excluding that part). 

Rides and Amusement

Our kids were 6, 4, and 2 when we went and the 6 year old was able to ride everything! The 4 year old was able to ride quite a bit, and there was a fair amount the 2 year old could ride as well!

There is one decent sized roller coaster and the rest are smaller rides. None of them are too intense so even kids who do not typically enjoy thrill rides will still find a lot they will enjoy! Our favorites were the Lego Factory Adventure Ride and Ninjago: The Ride!

There are live shows, meet and greets, and a 4D theater that are pretty fun too! You can download the Legoland New York app and find all kinds of helpful information, including show times and height requirements for rides! 

There are also areas where you can free build Lego, including Build and Test! We had so much fun building different cars and testing them on the ramps!


There are several dining options within the park and lots of little booths with ice cream, cotton candy, ICEEs, etc.!

If looking to save some money, you can carry in small snacks and water bottles as well as get a re-entry stamp so you could leave for lunch or run to the car for a picnic!

We chose Smokey’s Brick-B-Q and we definitely recommend it! They offer a three meat sampler that included plenty of meat for our family of 5 as well as two sides! Overall it was a very affordable option! 


We stayed in the official Legoland Hotel and absolutely loved it! While there are a lot of lodging options in the area, including hotels, AirBNBs, and even camping, the Legoland Hotel is the most convenient and fun! The hotel is right beside the park, a two minute walk! You can choose between four different themed rooms, Pirates, Kingdom, Lego Friends, and Ninjago! We chose Ninjago! Everything from the carpet in the hallways to the Lego builds in the room was Ninjago themed! There’s an in room scavenger hunt and lots of Legos to build with! The rooms have a kid sleeping area with bunk beds and a trundle bed!

But the fun isn’t just in the themed rooms, the rest of the hotel is fun too! Every time the elevator doors close there’s an instant dance party! The lobby houses a big pirate castle playground, there’s an arcade, a creative workshop where Lego classes are offered, a restaurant, and a gift shop! Every night there’s a kids pajama dance party and story time! Staying at the official hotel really just made the whole experience somewhat magical! 

Some Tips

Every employee at the park has Lego Minifigures on their name tag! Have your kids pick out a few of their own Minifigs from home to trade when they see a cooler one! We also found a Minifig trading area in the hotel gift shop, and there are probably more around too!

Like with any amusement park, there’s a lot of walking! We chose to take our double stroller and found the whole place to be very wheel friendly! 

Make sure to arrive at opening time if you can for a special opening experience!

The Legoland NY app is super helpful when planning and while you’re there!

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