The Humphrey Nature Center has a beautiful display of interactive and educational materials. Located right nearby, is the newly built Autism Nature Trail. From Rochester, the trip to the Humphrey Nature Center at Letchworth State Park is a little over an hour drive – but boy is it worth it!

Want to explore more of Letchworth? Check out the Lower Falls Area!

Note, being with a State Park, there is a vehicle entrance fee to enter. Remember, you can check out a State Park Pass from many local libraries for free admission into the park.

 6773 Trailside Road, Castile, NY 14427
Take Me There

The Autism Nature Trail

The A.N.T. is a 1 mile loop with 8 interactive stops along the way. The trail is a wide gravel path on flat terrain and wheel friendly! Upon arrival, you will be greeted with various supports and a trail map. This is an inclusive trail so be sure to take in consideration the needs of others on your visit.

The Sensory Station

The Sensory Station is a beautiful display of nature items that visitors are welcome (and encouraged) to touch and explore. Items range from fungi to feathers! This area also includes leaf I.D. cards and magnifying glasses.

The Sunshine Slope

Sunshine Slope was a favorite here! Three Cacoon Swings are situated off the trail. This is a peaceful spot to relax and listen to the birds They can provide a safe space for some or vestibular input for those needing it along the walk. They also offer a calming and relaxing experience for all! The swings hold over 200 pounds each.

The Music Circle

There are four music stations within the music circle. This area was really well done as the sounds of the instruments aren’t disruptive, loud or annoying. No matter who is in control, the sounds coming from these instruments are quite beautiful and not uncomfortably loud!

The Reflection Knoll

Pack your nature journal! Reflection Knoll offers a great spot to sit in the woods, talk about observations and reflect on the hike thus far. From here, you can take a short cut to complete the hike or continue on to complete the 1 mile loop. As you continue on from here, the path gets more playful.

Meadow Run & Climb

At Meadow run and climb you will find a small hill and stairs for running up and down. A little further you will see the large spider web to climb on along with some balance beam structures.

Design Zone

If you have a kiddo who enjoys building forts in the woods, this stop is for you! Here, visitors are encouraged to add branches and bamboo sticks to the pre made frames. There’s also stations for stacking rocks, creating designs, etc.

Playful Path

The playful path is just that! Small trails wind in and out of the main path to make the walk a bit more entertaining. Here you will find rocks and logs to hop on as you continue forward.

Celebration Station

Your hike is complete! Draw a picture on the chalk board or write a note detailing your favorite part of the walk.

Humphrey Nature Center

The Nature Center is located just down the path from the Autism Nature Trail. The Nature Center is free to enter (aside from the park admission fee). The Center is small but packed with interactive learning experiences. Kids can view trail cam footage, see how much force the can create, slide down the log slide, view erosion and so much more.

The Playground

The playground can be seen from the parking lot of the Humphrey Nature Center. Though this playground is not the highlight of the visit, it makes for the perfect way to end the trip. After hiking the A.N.T and walking through the Nature Center, we stopped to explore the playground and have lunch at a nearby picnic table. The sledding hill is right behind the playground!

The Tubing Hill

You can visit Letchworth year round! Admission is free in the winter but activities such as hiking, snowshoeing, skiing and sledding can still be enjoyed! There is a beautiful tubing hill behind the Trailside Lodge near the Humphrey Nature Center. Note, Sleds and toboggans are not permitted. Bring your own inflatable tube!

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