Marion Town Park is such a beautiful space! With acres of area to explore with your little ones, this is a great location to plan a family outing. There are not one, but TWO playground areas, Soccer fields, Baseball fields, and even a hidden Fairy community! You will also find plethora of pavilions for picnicking in the shade.

4072 Park Ave, Marion, NY 14505
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Playground 1

The first playground is right near the parking lot, pavilion, and party facility. This is a special playground as it seems the main structure is built just for toddlers/preschoolers. With everything close to the ground, it is easy to get your littles use to playing on a playground without the height. There is a even a rock wall, tunnels, and multiple slides. Along side the main structure is some older builds. But the best part is the musical aspect to this playground. You will see a variety of musical play elements here!

Playground 2

You will find the second playground back behind a soccer field. You may want to drive to this one, as it is bit far to walk. Follow the road around the field and you will see another playground and pavilion. This play structure is built for kids of all ages, and is sporting multiple slides, and climbing ladders.

The Fairy Houses

Tucked under a family of pine trees you will be surprised to find a small community of fairies! You can find the community alongside the road path that leads around the soccer field to the second playground.

The Venue

Alongside each playground is a pavilion equipped with picnic tables, and grills. The pavilion nearest playground 1 and the parking lot is a indoor/outdoor rental. There is even a kitchen inside this one! This is the perfect location for a birthday party for your little one. Rentals run from May 1st- October 21st, 2021. You can download the rental fee right on the Marion Town Park website. There is a resident or non resident fee to rent a pavilion at Marion Town Park.
Facility Rental Information

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