Brighton Meridian Centre Park is a Hidden Gem right off the 590! Don’t be deceived by the business complex out front; Hiking, canal paths and open fields abound! Meridian park is just off the 590 Winton Road exit but the playground can be hard to find as it is tucked behind the Business Park. To find the playground, park in the back of the parking lot off of Summit Circle Drive.

2025 Meridian Centre Blvd, Rochester, NY 14618
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The Playground

This is a brand new “Game Time” playground built in October 2020. It has a beloved tunnel/slide as well as a fun climbing tunnel on the ground. There is an adaptive swing, baby swing and regular swings. Though this playground is a short walk from the parking lot, there is plenty of open space surrounding the play area as well as plenty of paved paths for practicing riding a bike or pushing the stroller. There is a butterfly garden near by as well as the Erie Canal Heritage Trail just a short walk away. 

The Butterfly Garden

You will see signs for the butterfly garden just behind the playground. The path to the butterfly garden is paved and therefore wheel friendly! The garden is small but the children enjoyed hopping on the stepping stones and looking at the variety of plants. The garden is a participating member of the Seneca Park Zoo Butterfly Beltway. This program was created to increase the butterfly habitat and raise awareness of the importance of butterflies.

The Canal Path

The Canal Path can be accessed quickly by heading south down the path from the playground. For a more scenic view, you can venture past the butterfly garden and into the woods which will eventually lead you out to the canal path. From there you can walk east down the canal path and take a trail down a hill to circle back to the playground. Though the canal path is stroller friendly, the hiking portion can be difficult to navigate with a stroller or wheelchair. The canal is not fenced off and the path may be busy with cyclists and runners so use caution with little ones.

The Hiking

The wooded area at the park is small but provides a nice shaded break after the playground or stroll along the canal. To access the woods from the playground, head west towards the butterfly garden. You can enter the woods through the path right next to the butterfly garden for an extended hike (.3 miles through woods to canal trail) or continue down the paved path for a quicker route (.15 miles through woods to canal trail).

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